Polaris IQR 600 Enduro Kit

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Our Enduro Kit is Race Ready! The Enduro Kit comes with all the vents we make for the Polaris IQR 600 hood.  This kit has been tested in the race circuit and has been proven to be a winner over other vent kits.  If this is used for racing applications we recommend running the layer of Water Resistant Prefilter on top of our coarse mesh.   If our kit is to be used for trail riding then we recommend running the prefilter on the bottom.  In this kit you will get the Airbox Vent, Headlight vent, Stock Intake Vents, Side Hood Vents, Front and Rear Hood Vents.  These Vents paired together will help provide the much needed cooling for race/mod sleds while providing extra air to the airbox for increased performance.  This kit comes with paper templates, instructions and Black pop rivets.  Modifications to the hood will be needed to install kit.